About Us


APF Health and Fitness came to be in the later months of 2018. From day one, our belief of making a difference in the highly misinformed and misguided fitness industry have been set in stone, along with our goals of empowering individuals such as yourself to strive to be the best in every way possible.


We are solely dedicated to helping our clients, coaches, therapists, and community achieve greatness in all aspects of their lives. In our practice, we strive to skyrocket the current standards set by other fitness "professionals", by providing world-class delivery systems and platforms which facilitate the education and development of any individual who invests in themselves. Additionally, our highly qualified staff only provide the highest quality, evidence-based practises to our clients.



To build an elite team of highly educated and qualified fitness professionals and therapists who service and empower our clients, through the use of the latest, evidence-based practises.


Here at APF, our values are simple but extremely important and often overlooked.
Education. Safety. Results. Premium quality service.