In the past 5 years, we've transformed hundreds of lives
And here's what some of them had to say...


Natasha N.

Natasha weighed in at her heaviest at 120kgs in 2018. As we battled through injuries and complications, Natasha eventually dropped 12kgs of body fat, leaving her at 108kgs (pictured on the left).

After much hard work, today, Natasha weighs an outstanding 66kgs! Not only is she now confident in the gym, but she's confident in her own skin too!

Jake C.

Jake and I started working together just over a month ago where he weighed in at just over 82kg. He came to me looking to shred body fat while increasing his muscle mass and strength. Additionally, he needed the RIGHT guidance with his nutrition as he felt stuck doing the same old stuff and NOT seeing the results he wanted.

Fast forward 30 days (that’s right 30 days), and Jake has lost just over 6kgs of stubborn body fat, improved his strength, improved his muscle mass, improved his knowledge on nutrition and training, and he’s SO much more vascular now. He’s now weighed in at 76kg and he’s never felt happier and more confident.

Moreover, Jake didn’t just begin his weight loss journey at 82kgs. He’s weight loss journey began at 108kg as shown in the first photo!

I’m extremely proud of Jake! Seeing him turn up to each and every session and put in 110%, following his nutrition plan and trusting in the process and guidance of myself really makes my job so much more rewarding!


Fouad E.

Fouad's transformation over just 30 days is truly incredible. It just goes to show the importance of having a knowledgable coach and consistent support. Let's see what Fouad had to say: 

"I made the decision to work with Team APF, and all I can say is WOW. I asked for results and that's exactly what I got. In just 30 days I dropped 3kg (which doesn't sound like much) but it was exactly what I wanted, the program helped me maintain my muscle, strength and size while losing unwanted and stubborn body fat without my weight changing too drastically, what an amazing experience... I couldn't have asked for anything better, the consistent help from Andrew was just what I needed and pushed me to levels I didn't know existed, I followed Andrew's programs and now I got the results I've always wanted.

Thank you so much for this incredible transformation experience and I'm looking to work with Team APF again!

Jason N.

Jason came to me looking to shred body fat while keeping his muscle mass and strength. Not only that, he needed the RIGHT guidance with his nutrition as he felt extremely misinformed.

Fast forward 30 days (that’s right 30 days), and Jason has lost approximately 4kgs of stubborn body fat, maintained his strength, maintained his muscle mass, and improved his knowledge on nutrition and training!

Massive shoutout to Jason for the effort and dedication he’s put into his training and nutrition programs!

Working with clients who trust the process and put in the effort makes my job so much more enjoyable.


 Bryce C.

Bryce's 30 Day transformation goes to show just how important a well aligned training and nutrition program really is. Before Bryce and I began working together, he wasn't happy with the way he looked.

He came to me looking to shred his stubborn body fat while maintaining/increasing his current muscle mass, and that's exactly what we've achieved in just 30 days!
In the beginning, Bryce weighed in at 91kg and had tried almost everything to lose weight while maintaining/increasing his muscle mass. At the end of the 30 days, Bryce weighed in at 88kg with the knowledge and confidence to lose much more!


Nancy G.

Nancy lost over 8.5kg in less than 30 days using one of my most advanced training and nutrition programs! Not only was she more confident in the gym, she was more confident in her own skin! Here's what she had to say:

"The difference between doing it yourself and this particular training program is it definitely pushes you to keep going, especially with your weekly check ups etc. Even after the training program has ended I have continued to use the strength training workouts in which I have found it to be extremely effective.

In comparison to when I use to workout before I use to always somehow fall off track every couple of days. I feel like the 30 day challenge definitely does get you into a long term habit of developing those skills. Therefore I would definitely recommend the APF 30 day challenge to anyone wanting to change or improve their fitness or health goals."


 Dimitri J.

Dimitri gained approximately 7kg for pure muscle in 4 months while working with me. Additionally, his technique in all exercises improved drastically and so did his strength! He is now able to squat about 130kg, and deadlift and benchpress over 100kg. Here's what he had to say:

"Big shoutout to Andrew for helping me break through physical barriers. I'm now faster, stronger and able to last longer (I'm talking about endurance when training lol). If you are lacking motivation or need someone to help you and guide you, then hit Andrew up! He's hard working and always ready to push you past your limits!"


Diana L.

Meet Diana... Before Diana and I began training, she had little to no knowledge and/or experience of living a healthy lifestyle and training in the gym.

However, what she did have was the mindset and commitment to make the change in her life that she deserved! Diana knew she was destined for greater success in her health and fitness and that’s exactly why she sought professional help.

When Diana and I started training, we made small but sustainable changes to her lifestyle which lead to changes in her body. Although these changes aren’t significant, they’re sustainable and healthy.

We haven’t reached our health and fitness goals just yet, but we’re definitely on the way there! Great work Diana, I’m proud of how far you’ve come!


Fumi M.

"I was lucky enough that Andrew and his injury clinic team (physio and chiro) made my rehab so much easier after I ruptured my ACL in a tennis match last year.  Andrew has been played soccer at the top level for his whole life. Therefore, he has vast knowledge about what is important to become a strong player. Without Andrew, I wouldn’t be able to come back and play my favourite sport, tennis.

Further more, Andrew and sport injury team corrected my poor foot work throughout tennis, which could’ve potentially furthered my injuries in the future. Andrew had also injured while playing soccer so he has full of sympathy and he will support clients mentally and physically because of his past experiences and studies.  He is not only a great PT but also great for rehabilitation/recovery for a any sport player. I highly recommend training with Andrew as he has infinite knowledge, passion and dedication. You will find this out as soon as you meet with Andrew!

Thank you so much for everything Andrew!"


Zenab Z.

"I hadn’t been to a gym in almost 10 years and after having my third child and struggling to lose weight on my own, I decided to engage with a Personal Trainer. This is where I met Andrew, he changed my life and mindset.

Within a few weeks I had lost weight but more importantly my body shape started to change. Clothes were hanging off me, my arms were more toned and my stomach and thighs had completely slimmed down. I was surprised at the number of people who noticed. I underestimated the emotional impact my weight and body had on me, within the first few PT sessions and eating clean I was much more happier, slept better, didn’t feel sick or have headaches and had much more energy during the day. It has honestly changed my life and the best gift I gave myself.

Thanks Andrew!! Looking forward to continuing with Andrew on my weight loss journey."


Adriana M.

"Andrew is exactly the PT I was looking for. Someone who is able to be accommodating and work around my busy schedule. It really gave me a "no excuse" outlook on heading to the gym, which is what I needed. He is very supportive both on and off the gym floor and ensure to take the time to explain the rationale behind exercises rather than a "do as I say" approach. My measurements results have been a testimony to Andrew's dedication."


Raymond T.

"Highly talented personal trainer, very knowledgeable, and is extremely dedicated to all his clients. I highly recommend training with Andrew!"


Anjali S.

"Thank you so much Andrew, It's been a great journey. Thanks for guiding me through my workouts. I feel great and much more active. I still have a long way to go, however, with your guidance I know I'll be on the right track. Special thanks for fixing my shoulder pain!"